Tribute to Gregorio Medina

Magazine article "HUNTING SAFARIS"
Number 310 - October 2010
Texto and photo: Adolfo Sanz Rueda.

About work well done

As a hot September day gives way to a breezy night, people in
the town of Las Ventas con Peña Aguilera are seen strolling
around the streets. The breezes are called "La mareita" here
and people appreciate then as the las sweltering days of
summer disappear.

I sat down on a typical stone bench in the town to savour the
breeze an listen to the calm, clear words of Gregorio Medina
Sanchez, Goro, as he told me something of his life.
Goro was born in Las Ventas con Peña Aguilera on March 12,
1933. When he was a child he lived on a farm. "La Salceda"
whose owner was the famous bullfighter "Marcial Lalanda". Goro´s fathers worked as an atterdand there.

Goro began to work as a carperter when he was eleven years
old. He enjoyed the job and had ability but work was scarce so
he began to study taxidermy sith Marcial´s sons.
Step by step he began to work creating trophies of deer and
wild boar until finally he decided to dedicate himself to
taxidermy and he created his own firm, Medina Tasidermy.
When Goro´s sons finished their studies, they began to work
in the family business.

A sister too, Maria del Mar, travelled to Italy in 1980 to learn
new methods an be trained in the use of polyurethane. Medina
Taxidermy was one of the first companies in Spain to work
with this material. Later, his son, Ramon, went to the U.S.A.
to further his studies in taxidermy and to observe North
American working methods.

The business was now growing and eleven staff were taken on
to help deal with the orders from clients around the world.

Gregorio Medina Sanchez has received many prizes for"work
well done", first in 1996 by the Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of Toledo and finally, last year he received a tribute
from his colleagues in the "National Association os
Taxidermist" for lifetime achievement and his excellent work.

Suddenly I feel a little cold as a strong, biting wind has picked
up and I finish the interview and head for home. From the
mountains I hear the deer call and I think of Goro.

I won´t forget this interview or this good person.